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Casement windows: performance at its best

By virtue of their design, casement windows are among the highest-performing windows in the industry. They boast optimal weather-tightness, not to mention the ability to withstand strong winds, thanks to the compression of their superior-quality weather-stripping and the fact that they open outward. With their timeless looks, casement windows will complement any architectural style and can be customized in various ways.

Features and benefits

  • Solid wood frame, sashes and molding; construction without apparent joints improves their appearance
  • Structural assembly; the multiple units have a common full-length head and sill
  • Enhanced protection against drafts and water seepage, thanks to excellent weather-stripping
  • Single mullion for improved appearance and maximum natural light
  • Glued hardwood dowel sash assembly (enhanced durability and precision)
  • Vintage model optionally available
  • Triple panes available