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Hung tilt two panels windows

Definitely the most common type of window found in old houses. It has two panels that slide up and down. On this type of window, the screen is on the outside. We call double hung windows those with two mobile panels and single hung windows when only the bottom shutter can open.

Panels in modern hung windows can tilt-in, which greatly facilitates cleaning, especially if they are located upstairs. Many prefer this method of opening to the rotation of a crank handle.

It is possible to modify the height distribution between the top and bottom panels for architectural needs. Unequal distribution, called "cottage style" adds a rustic charm to the window.

Adding tiling in one or both components is another way to give a particular style to the window. The number and size of the mock tiles must be carefully determined for proportions that will be visually aesthetic.

Give an even more rustic look by adding decorative glass, stained glass or architectural mouldings.