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Bay-Bow mutliple panels windows

This type of projecting window exceeds the surface of the outer wall and contributes to add brightness and visibility. Bay and bow windows are also architectural elements that are used to add a special touch to a house. Bay windows have three panels while bow windows can have four or five. Usually, side panels can open and are mainly casement windows, but they can also be hung windows.

Whether bay or bow, these types of windows may comprise a tablet inside or be installed in "floor projection" without tablet, which allows to move closer to the window.

This type of window requires specific care at each step of the installation:

  • Measures with depth and angle such as frame, tablet and floor projection must be taken by an experienced professional;
  • Projecting window installation requires expertise for the realization of the supporting structure and the insulation of the window.

Several finishing options are available for the tablet, the skirt and the top of the windows.